Choose the statements that most closely match your opinions.
Your answers in the Modern vs. Traditional column determine your Left vs. Right position.
Your answers in the Freedom column determine your location on the vertical Freedom scale.

Topic Modern vs. Tradition Opinion Freedom Opinion Placement


Criminals are mostly underclass victims of society who need help.
Criminal justice should be a mix of punishment and rehabilitation.
Strong punishment is the best way to handle criminals.
Stricter law enforcement and longer prison terms are needed.
Our current justice system is about right.
There are way too many laws and way too many people in prison.


Immigrants make society a better place.
A small amount of immigration is healthy for society.
Immigrants destroy the native culture.
We need a large immigration agency.
We need a medium sized immigration agency.
The immigration agency should be greatly reduced or eliminated.


Guns are more of a danger to society than they're worth.
Gun ownership might be a good idea for some trained people.
Guns are important for self defense and hunting.
There should be mandatory gun training or strict penalties for gun possession.
Guns should be registered with the government.
Gun ownership should not be monitored or controlled by the government.


Taxes should pay for mostly social programs.
Taxes should pay for a wide variety of government functions.
Taxes should pay for mostly criminal justice and the military.
Taxes should be raised to fully fund needed government programs.
Taxes are about right or a little too high.
Taxes should be drastically reduced.


Life begins at birth.
Life begins somewhere between conception and birth.
Life begins at conception.
Gov't should either outlaw abortion or, if legal, be provided by gov't.
Abortion should be regulated by the state.
The decision to abort should be between a woman, her partner, and her doctor.

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This test and chart were created by Jeff Wrobel.