The Wrobel Chart


The political spectrum is most commonly represented by this one dimensional scale:

Plotting yourself on this line indicates that you are somewhere between being a Communist and a Fascist.

If you share few beliefs with Communists or Fascists, you should refuse to be labeled in this way.


Are you Left, Right, or Center?

Maybe you’re more than that.

Maybe your philosophy is more sophisticated than something that can be plotted on a line.

Consider using this two dimensional chart instead:

 This adds the all-important dimension of Freedom.


A fascist believes in using total control of the state to force people to live a traditional way of life.

A conservative may agree with the fascist that a traditional life is better, but believes that the state should have a more limited role in enforcing that.


Similarly, a communist believes in total state control to enforce a more modern way of life.

A liberal agrees that modern ways are better, but agrees with the conservative that the state should have somewhat less control.


The thing that separates a conservative from a fascist and a liberal from a communist is freedom.


There are other political labels than communist, fascist, liberal, and conservative.

The chart below adds some other common labels to the political landscape.


To find out where you are on this chart, take this test.